[Overview] January was all about quantity

As you can see on this page, I read 19 books in January. Nineteen! I made an good start due to #boutofbooks (read 7 books!), which also prompted my to start this blog.

I listened to 3 audiobooks:

I read 4 books/short stories from Tais Teng:

Besides some of the books from this Dutch author, I also read 4 other Dutch books:

Then there were 2 books from Charless Stross:

Some books that got on my TBR through  #boutofbooks:

Some classics that had been on my TBR for months and months:

1 reread from when I was a kid:

And 1 book I got as a Christmas gift:

Preview of February:

Since this is a short month and I have lots of social things planned, I won’t be reading as many books as in January. I do plan to make a dent in my currently reading pile, which consists of 13 books at the moment. Reading multiple books at the same time is not a crime, but I think I’m taking this a bit too far… This’ll also lead to me a smaller amount of books, because most of the books on this pile are quite long or contain many, many short stories or are difficult.

I also aim to get into something of a blogging rhythm:  review some books I’ve read, maybe participate in some of the many returning memes I see in the book-blogosphere. Any nice suggestions, my more experiences blogger friends?



  1. I loved Mossflower when I was younger! I’m kind of nervous to re-read it though in case I don’t love it as much any more. I hope you still enjoy it just as much as when you first read it


    1. This was al zo my favourite, most loved, book as a kid. I must have read this over 15 times and  even now (more than 10 years later) I still knew pieces by heart when I read them (even though I now read it in English, and used to read it in Dutch). I did now notice his style is not the best thing ever. Too many adjectives, too much description, too much repeating. But the story and the characters still grabbed me and made me love them again :) I would certainly reread if you need something comforting and writing style is not something that bugs you.


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