<38 Books

I am polyamorous when it comes to books.

I love hardcovers for the way they look (they usually have pretty covers) and their sturdyness. I love paperbacks for their cheapness (a lower treshold buy for yourself and as gifts) and how easy they are to carry around. I love my kindle for that same reason, and the fact I always have multiple books to choose from.

At the moment, my greatest love is science-fiction. But I am not forgetting my old love: fantasy. Or my love for historical fiction, that I loved as a kid and teen, and am now getting back into. I also love literary fiction, where the story is more than just a story. And of course non-fiction, lately with a preference for stories of life and travel, but gender and sexuality always has a place on my shelves as well.

I love the books I have had on my shelf for years and years, and that have moved with me from bedroom to student housing to my current appartment. I love the new books I have, which are often in a digital format only. I love the old books I buy second hand, like from my universities booksale, or carbootsales.

My books don’t mind if I leave them by themselves for a short or a long period of time. They know I care for them and will give them a home, if not on my own shelves, than on the shelves of some other booklover.  I know my books will always be there for me, to provide knowledge, entertainment, insight and comfort, according to my needs of that particular moment.

What kind of booklover are you? Do you have longlasting relationships? Are you a serial monogamist? Or do you have mainly one night stands?


    1. Yeah, there are too many awesome books and formats to stay within one category! And I’m also poly when it comes to my lovers, actually :)


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