[Overview] February: What books I got (and did not read)

For this month, I had two goals. I failed on my “blogging rhythm” goal. I published 5 blogposts this month: 4 of which in the first half of the month; 1 yesterday. One of them is a non-review, the rest are reviews. I succeeded in shortening my “currently reading”-pile! It used to be 13; it is now 9. Whoohoo! It made me finish The Worst Journey in the World (which I reviewed), Hyperion (which I loved), Wind in the Willows (which I just took pictures from, and will post on later this month) and Martin the Warrior (which I was “meh” about). The other stuff I’ve read, can be found on this page. I’m also slowly making progress on the short story books. Not so much on the non-fiction front. I’m pretty stuck on The Inclusion Imperative, which I got through Netgally. Review spoiler: I really, really, dislike it. But I’m invested in the topic, so I do want to finish it.

booksbougt1402 So, over to what February brought me, in a physical book sense!

I bought three books from bol.com. They got me with their 2.50euro discount, and then OF COURSE I had to spend at least 20euro to get free shipping, which got me three books: 2 from Charless Stross, 1 from Stephen King. I also bought 3 books from someone at work, who wanted to get rid of them. Poor almost abandoned books! One of them was Zen and the art of motorcycle maintainance, which is one of my all-time favourite books (and not on the picture, since it’s on the for-gifting-to-awesome-people-pile); the two others are non-fictions, 1 on creativity, 1 on web development. My book rescue did not end there! A friend of mine will move soon, and she wanted to get rid of soms books too! So I rescued two books on crochet, one book on yoga, and two fiction books. Last. but not least, I also won a book in the Literary Giveaway Blog Hop: All Passion Spent, which I won from this blog. Thank you again, Ali!

Also, I have read NONE of these books yet (except the ones on crochet, but that was more flicking through than actual reading, which seems silly anyway).

I also quite indulged myself on the ebook and egalley front: 12 new books. Of these, at least I read 3 and reviewed 2, and all of these were from Netgalley, so it gave me some extra incentive to read them, since I “had” too… Of the other 9, 4 are non-fiction. One on Alaska (what can I say, I like cold books), one is a book on green smoothies that I got for free (nomnom), one on choosing your right career path (although I am really happy with what I’m doing now: learning and growing into IT), and on on mindful compassion (which I hope is not too woo). The other 5 books are all fiction, mostly more genre fiction, except The Most Beautiful Girl, which I requested from Netgalley, because it’s about a woman, her struggle with grief over her father that passed away and music. This topic really resonates with me, since I lost my father a few months ago, and music is one of the ways I feel closer to him. And fuck, I just realise this is a memoir-like-book, and not fiction at all, but I don’t feel like rewriting and linking this post, so sue me. This will probably be the book I’ll start on next.

My plans for this month: post once or twice a week, with one non-review post for every review-post. I realise I like reading non-review-book-stuff a lot, and I like to project my own preferences on you, my reader. Read (mostly) books I bought last month, and not spend money on more books. Books that need to be rescued, however, can always find a place on my shelf.




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