Readathon: before-bed-update

Because of timezones, the 24hour readathon started at 2pm this Saturday, and will continue into tomorrow’s afternoon. I suck at not sleeping and tend to go to bed early (having to wake up at 6am on weekdays does that to you), so I’m quite surprised I feel as awake as I do now, nearing 00.00hours!

So, since I feel like I’m halfway (even though that official point in time is 2 hours away), some numbers of my readathon so far:
Books finished: 3
Pages read: 753 (fuck yeah!)
Time spent reading: 5 hours and 20 minutes
Audiobooking: 45 minutes

The books I’ve read and am reading can be found here :)

I love the online support of this readathon. Everyone is being awesome! And I love spending having this large block of time devoted to reading and books. I do dislike my stomach has decided to be painful and queasy, but I hope some fresh mint tea will help.

Now, I’ll go do some more reading. Maybe I’ll even finish Dune Messiah before I fall asleep!



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