[Overview] April: net result +12 TBR

(Let’s just pretend April isn’t already over a week old, mkay? ;-))

Books bought at KingsdayLast month was a month in which I read in bursts, mostly due to the readathon I particpated in. I read 6 books, which is half of the total amount of books I read in april. I bought a staggering amount of 14 physical books at Kingsday:


And of course, I could not stop myself from getting a large amount of ebooks, some of them for reviewing, some of them through the awesome mailinglist of bookbub:

Ebooks I bought in april.

Click to enlarge and make it actually readable ;)

This month will still be massively busy. I’ll probably find myself a new appartment (maybe even today! I’ll go check out some later this day), start packing, have lots of driving lessons (planning on getting my license somewhere in June), work my standard 32 hours a week (now with extra stress, because my todo list is nearing a mile long, and I’ll be leaving the job the first weke of June), create a website for a volunteer project (deadline last week of June; see where I’m going yet? ;)). I am going to try to participate in bout-of-books, so be on the lookout for a post on my planning for that event!

Edit: I wrote this post on monday, but only got around posting it today (thursday) and I got the call today I got one of the apartments I looked at! Moving a month from now, hurray!


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