Intermezzo: I moved!

libraryThis is how my librabry looks at the moment. Poor books, all in boxes.

I moved last week, from a 2-room apartment in a village near Nijmegen, back to a a bigger apartment (3 rooms) in an even bigger city: Rotterdam. This is what I have been working towards the past months. I abandoned Bout-of-Books somewhere halfway, because I was painting this new apartment. I did read, as you can see here, but I didn’t write anything about what I read, except for some small notes to be able to write reviews at a later point in time.

Slowly I am getting settled in my new place, and I hope that I’ll slowly be settled in something that vaguely resembles a blogging rythm. First step: get more books from Netgalley uhm skip through all the recipe e-books I acquired and decide to blog about it nope… make new things from these cook-e-books tasty, but not blogging procrastinate in all other possible ways, that is what I am doing allright… write reviews about the books in my backlog! Yes, that’s it. That is what I will do!

*wanders off to have lunch with a book*

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