The unexpectedly busy month of August.

Halfway July I saw this:

A Dutch bookblogger I was following on twitter decided to make August a month of of just reading classic literature, and invited fellow-bloggers to join her: to read at least one book of classic literature this month. I have sudden bouts of wanting to read ALL the classics (hence my Rory-list challenge). I decided to join in, and started some more Austen, since I quite enjoyed Northanger Abbey last month. More information on the Augustus Klassieke Literatuur Maand can be found here (in Dutch, sorry!).

And then this happened:

So, I think I’ll also be joining these nice people, who are doing this readalong because of Austen in August. The readalong schedule can be found here (in English)

Besides Pride and Prejudice, I also started in Crime and Punishment (by Fyodor Dostoyevsky). And while were on that topic, can someone explain to me why you would put a lengthy analytical essay on the topic of the book as a chapter BEFORE the actual book? I don’t mind spoilers usually and I like analysis of books I’ve read, but this seemed a bit much.

Oh, and this will be also going on this August:

It’ll be a busy month for books and reading this August. And besides reading the thing, I’ll also have to go to work (new job within the contracter company I work for, hurray!), do social things, take care of my chinchilla’s, and there was this thing with housekeeping that I keep forgetting about. Do remind me to do my dishes sometimes this month, kay?


  1. I’ll remind you to do your dishes if you remind me to do mine. I’m also doing Bout of Books along with Austen in August, and I have a 20 Books of Summer thing going on as well which kind of overlaps the other two events. So much going on, but I love it. :)


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