My [add appropiate unit of time] in books #2

I had this plan of not buying books in 2015. I gave myself 3 caveats to this self-imposed rule: I was allowed to use giftcards to get books (which I did thrice this year already), I was allowed to get free e-books, and I was allowed to request books for review. But the last few weeks I faltered. I needed some comfy reading, so I got myself the first books from The Animals of Farthing Wood series. And then one of my favourite authors posted on twitter one of the books from his Laundry Files series was just 2$ on amazon (US only, or US-registered kindle only). I should really get back on this book-buying-ban-bandwagon, because my TBR is growing larger and larger and I can’t keep up with my reading as it is. Also, saving money is (or so they say) one of those things you should do as a grown-up.

I did get some nice reading done this week though! I finally finished my re-read of It, by Stephen King. As with all the King books, it had some pacing issues (some parts were really hard to get through), but over all, I really loved it. The crafting of the story, how the past intermingles with the present, and especially how he wrote it with changes both time and character viewpoint in the middle of sentences without the reader getting lost, was absolutely lovely. You also see the themes that always seem to get back into King’s work: the turtle and his guiding way, the cyclical nature of all things in life (and death), the stories within stories.
This week I also finished a short story collection by Irene Radford, of which I’ll hopefully find time to write a review next week.

Also, I finished re-watching Gilmore Girls. Again. And started on Death Note (quite a nice anime, interesting concept (notebook from the underworld falls down on earth, is found by young man, who discovers that you can kill people by writing their name in it; he proceeds with wiping out all criminals, in order to create a better world and become god) and cool art), and on Once Upon a Time (yeah, I know I am late to that party).

I’ll have quite a busy week next week. Tomorrow I have a job interview, and if that goes well I’ll start the same week, probably. Dinner with my aunt. A big work-meeting/conference thing with talks and food and beer with coworker-friends. Seeing both my partner-units. And I hope I’ll get my fair share of reading in, since I am in a book loving mood these days.


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