Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon: in tweets

I’m… late to this readathon-review party. Life has this thing of getting in the way, and this time it was my girlfriend moving  (so there was painting, and all that stuff) and starting a new job. And I spend lots of time with my boyfriend, which was lovely. All this left little time for blogging though!

So, I read two-and-a-half books this time around. Which I see as quite the achievement, since I only read a small part of the 24 hour hours (because of aforementioned boyfriend and girlfriend, and my attachment to 8 hours of sleep).

There was lots of reading in public transport:

And last but not least, next time we really should make #drunkreadathon a thing!

(It was ginger beer with gin, for the curious among us)

I had a lot of fun this time, especially because I did not pressure myself to do anything. Only to read and tweet when I felt like it, and not more. I think this’ll be my strategy next time around as well. I’m starting to like this “no goal” thing.

How did you people fare?



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