I popped my “funding a crowdsourcing campaign”-cherry with Kimchi Cuddles!

I follow a range of webcomics (like Questionable Content, Robot Hugs, Unspeakable Vault (of Doom), xkcd). Kimchi Cuddles is one of my favourites. I absolutely adore this series, because it shows how I “do” my relationships. It discusses all kinds of poly an non-monogamy, gender(queerness) in many forms and a lot of alternative sexualities.

Tivka Wolf (the artist) has started a indiegogo campaign to make a book out of these comics, arranged by category. I’ve never financially backed any crowdsourcing thing, and I think this is the most awesome campaign to pop my crowdsourcing-cherry! So, check out Kimchi Cuddles, and spend some moneys, to make a book filled with these cool comics come true!

You can find the Indiegogo campaign HERE. Do check out all the awesome perks, which include an e-book of the Kimchi Cuddles book ($15), a paperback version ($25) and many other awesome (e-)books about alternative relationships (from $30 and on!).


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