The Brontë Plot: a review

Wednesday was book day.

First sentence in The brontë plot.


I fell in love with this book: THE BRONTE PLOT by Katherine Reay. I craved something comfortable, something happy, and contemporary. Usually I read fantasy/horror/sf between non-fiction or more demanding reads, but I needed something different. This book has all the references to the great British women in writing: Jane Austen, the Brontë sisters, Beatrix Potter, all wrapped in a story that could be called coming-of-age.

Lucy, the protagonist, works in an antique and design shop, for a lovely boss, who trusts and mentors her. She takes especially good care of the books, since those are her first love. Then she meets a man and for a moment I was afraid this would turn into a sappy romance story, which is something I am somewhat allergic to, but luckily it didn’t. You hear about Lucy’s father, who was a conman, and disappeared when she was 7, but still sends her a  book every year. I won’t tell you how, but Lucy goes to the UK on an eventful trip, and learns about herself  and the readers gets pulled into London and the English countryside.

As coincidence wills it, I watched Miss Potter while Lucy was just mentioning Bowness-On-Windermere (where they have a Beatrix Potter museum and everything!), which gave me more texture to the book (and probably vice versa too). I think I’ll persuade my partner (who watched the movie as well, me at my home, he at his, while we communicated over text messages) to go on a visit in that area next spring or summer…

This book is perfect for any lover of Victorian literature, books about books, decorating (so much great detail and colour in this book), and strong women. And who doesn’t love at least one of those things?







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