Burn it with fire!?

So ‘far I’ve finished 3 books this month: Tehanu by Ursula K. Le Guin, Burnt Offerings by Laurell K. Hamilton and Overal Vuur(Fire Everywhere) by Eddy C. Bertin. Do you see the theme? Apparently this is a fiery month for me. And I like it! All were 4-star reads, as can be seen on my goodreads page. It’s that I’ve read Fahrenheit 451 relatively recently, else that should be next on the reading list.

Completely unrelated to fire, but I want to give a shoutout to Ninja Book Box! I got my first box of theirs yesterday (themed “Going home”) and it was awesome. All the things in the box were wrapped in paper, so they looked like little gifts. The envelope in it was handwritten with “Spoilers, please open last”, with lovely lettering. And the book (SPOILER) sounds lovely. There box shows so much care <3 I can really recommend it!

The spoils of my UK vacation

So I went to the UK for 9 days. Back home with me I brought a bunch of B’s.





Books! (Duh…)


We spend most of our time Manchester, and I completely fell in love with this city. The openness of the people (everyone was so nice!), the alternativeness (the amount of tattoos and piercings we’ve seen, made me feel right at home), the shops (geekstores galore!), the places to get food and drinks (we had the best pizza with a sunny side up egg, full English breakfasts, a pink G&T, loads of coffee), the museums (we saw a TYRANNOSAURUS REX! And the Manchester museum did a lot of explaining how science is scienced and even had a whole panel on the archeological research of the past being male/white/upper-class-centric, which I’ve never seen in a museum before).

So, when can I go back?