The Rory-List: in excel, with checkboxes

Since a new page doesn’t get shared to the people who follow me, let’s create a blogpost: Look I made a Thing!

And the Thing is superhandy and useful. I felt like fooling around with Excel 2016 a bit, so I made: The Rory List, Now With Checkboxes!

More information can be found here:

Please let me know what you think, and share it among those interested ^^


I popped my “funding a crowdsourcing campaign”-cherry with Kimchi Cuddles!

I follow a range of webcomics (like Questionable Content, Robot Hugs, Unspeakable Vault (of Doom), xkcd). Kimchi Cuddles is one of my favourites. I absolutely adore this series, because it shows how I “do” my relationships. It discusses all kinds of poly an non-monogamy, gender(queerness) in many forms and a lot of alternative sexualities.

Tivka Wolf (the artist) has started a indiegogo campaign to make a book out of these comics, arranged by category. I’ve never financially backed any crowdsourcing thing, and I think this is the most awesome campaign to pop my crowdsourcing-cherry! So, check out Kimchi Cuddles, and spend some moneys, to make a book filled with these cool comics come true!

You can find the Indiegogo campaign HERE. Do check out all the awesome perks, which include an e-book of the Kimchi Cuddles book ($15), a paperback version ($25) and many other awesome (e-)books about alternative relationships (from $30 and on!).

My [add appropiate unit of time] in books #2

I had this plan of not buying books in 2015. I gave myself 3 caveats to this self-imposed rule: I was allowed to use giftcards to get books (which I did thrice this year already), I was allowed to get free e-books, and I was allowed to request books for review. But the last few weeks I faltered. I needed some comfy reading, so I got myself the first books from The Animals of Farthing Wood series. And then one of my favourite authors posted on twitter one of the books from his Laundry Files series was just 2$ on amazon (US only, or US-registered kindle only). I should really get back on this book-buying-ban-bandwagon, because my TBR is growing larger and larger and I can’t keep up with my reading as it is. Also, saving money is (or so they say) one of those things you should do as a grown-up.

I did get some nice reading done this week though! I finally finished my re-read of It, by Stephen King. As with all the King books, it had some pacing issues (some parts were really hard to get through), but over all, I really loved it. The crafting of the story, how the past intermingles with the present, and especially how he wrote it with changes both time and character viewpoint in the middle of sentences without the reader getting lost, was absolutely lovely. You also see the themes that always seem to get back into King’s work: the turtle and his guiding way, the cyclical nature of all things in life (and death), the stories within stories.
This week I also finished a short story collection by Irene Radford, of which I’ll hopefully find time to write a review next week.

Also, I finished re-watching Gilmore Girls. Again. And started on Death Note (quite a nice anime, interesting concept (notebook from the underworld falls down on earth, is found by young man, who discovers that you can kill people by writing their name in it; he proceeds with wiping out all criminals, in order to create a better world and become god) and cool art), and on Once Upon a Time (yeah, I know I am late to that party).

I’ll have quite a busy week next week. Tomorrow I have a job interview, and if that goes well I’ll start the same week, probably. Dinner with my aunt. A big work-meeting/conference thing with talks and food and beer with coworker-friends. Seeing both my partner-units. And I hope I’ll get my fair share of reading in, since I am in a book loving mood these days.

My [add appropiate unit of time] in books #1

Animals of Farthing Wood

Animals of Farthing Wood

This past week consisted of way more Buffy the Vampire Slayer (just finished season 2, and started season 3) than reading. However, there were some book-related high points:

– I finally, finally, FINALLY finished “Ogen van Tijgers” (Eyes of Tigers; this book has not been translated into English though) by Tonke Dragt. This book follows onto “Torenhoog en Mijlen Breed” (Towering High and Miles Wide; not translated as well) that I devoured as a kid and young adult. I must’ve read that book at least 5 times. I attempted to read the book that followed multiple times, but just couldn’t get through. I now succeeded through pure perserverance, and the knowing that my partner loved this book (since he could relate to the main character, being an painting artist who couldn’t always do what he would love to be doing). I did like the story, but it was so slow, and some of the characters… argh!

– I started reading “The Animals of Farthing Wood”-series. I absolutely loved the cartoon as a kid (and adolescent. and grown-up). I have rewatched it, especially season 1, multiple times. I got the books as an e-book, and finished the prequel within 24 hours. Chances are, I’ll finish book 2 (for some weird reason, the first omnibus consists of the prequel and book 2 and not book 1…), and will probably start book 1. With this, I broke my self-imposed book buying ban. But rules are there to be broken some times.

– I read a Lovecraft story or two, and a description of his life. I love the mythos Lovecraft created (although there is lots of debate on how purposeful he did this, and which of his stories are connected to it), but I need to be in a certain mood to appreciate his style of writing. I’ve had a large collection of his work on my bedstand for about 4 years now, and slowly working through it, with sometimes reading daily, and sometimes not opening the book for months. I have about one third still to go…

– For work, I started reading on document managing systems, since I am leading a team that will do a (functional) sharepoint migration. I really enjoy topics like this, and have to take care to not spend too much of my free time on work related things.

How was your week?

The unexpectedly busy month of August.

Halfway July I saw this:

A Dutch bookblogger I was following on twitter decided to make August a month of of just reading classic literature, and invited fellow-bloggers to join her: to read at least one book of classic literature this month. I have sudden bouts of wanting to read ALL the classics (hence my Rory-list challenge). I decided to join in, and started some more Austen, since I quite enjoyed Northanger Abbey last month. More information on the Augustus Klassieke Literatuur Maand can be found here (in Dutch, sorry!).

And then this happened:

So, I think I’ll also be joining these nice people, who are doing this readalong because of Austen in August. The readalong schedule can be found here (in English)

Besides Pride and Prejudice, I also started in Crime and Punishment (by Fyodor Dostoyevsky). And while were on that topic, can someone explain to me why you would put a lengthy analytical essay on the topic of the book as a chapter BEFORE the actual book? I don’t mind spoilers usually and I like analysis of books I’ve read, but this seemed a bit much.

Oh, and this will be also going on this August:

It’ll be a busy month for books and reading this August. And besides reading the thing, I’ll also have to go to work (new job within the contracter company I work for, hurray!), do social things, take care of my chinchilla’s, and there was this thing with housekeeping that I keep forgetting about. Do remind me to do my dishes sometimes this month, kay?

Intermezzo: I moved!

libraryThis is how my librabry looks at the moment. Poor books, all in boxes.

I moved last week, from a 2-room apartment in a village near Nijmegen, back to a a bigger apartment (3 rooms) in an even bigger city: Rotterdam. This is what I have been working towards the past months. I abandoned Bout-of-Books somewhere halfway, because I was painting this new apartment. I did read, as you can see here, but I didn’t write anything about what I read, except for some small notes to be able to write reviews at a later point in time.

Slowly I am getting settled in my new place, and I hope that I’ll slowly be settled in something that vaguely resembles a blogging rythm. First step: get more books from Netgalley uhm skip through all the recipe e-books I acquired and decide to blog about it nope… make new things from these cook-e-books tasty, but not blogging procrastinate in all other possible ways, that is what I am doing allright… write reviews about the books in my backlog! Yes, that’s it. That is what I will do!

*wanders off to have lunch with a book*

<38 Books

I am polyamorous when it comes to books.

I love hardcovers for the way they look (they usually have pretty covers) and their sturdyness. I love paperbacks for their cheapness (a lower treshold buy for yourself and as gifts) and how easy they are to carry around. I love my kindle for that same reason, and the fact I always have multiple books to choose from.

At the moment, my greatest love is science-fiction. But I am not forgetting my old love: fantasy. Or my love for historical fiction, that I loved as a kid and teen, and am now getting back into. I also love literary fiction, where the story is more than just a story. And of course non-fiction, lately with a preference for stories of life and travel, but gender and sexuality always has a place on my shelves as well.

I love the books I have had on my shelf for years and years, and that have moved with me from bedroom to student housing to my current appartment. I love the new books I have, which are often in a digital format only. I love the old books I buy second hand, like from my universities booksale, or carbootsales.

My books don’t mind if I leave them by themselves for a short or a long period of time. They know I care for them and will give them a home, if not on my own shelves, than on the shelves of some other booklover.  I know my books will always be there for me, to provide knowledge, entertainment, insight and comfort, according to my needs of that particular moment.

What kind of booklover are you? Do you have longlasting relationships? Are you a serial monogamist? Or do you have mainly one night stands?

Book bingo reading challenge 2014

Look what I found on the internet! A reading challenge with a scoring card!


I’ve read over 10 books this year already, but it feels unfair that I fit those into the categories afterwards. So I’ll start from now on. The only vertical line I might have problems with is the new releases one. I tend to not look at when books are released, and have never been really on top of the bookscene. But it’s also an incentive to change that and see what awesome new books this year will bring.