For your convenience: the Rory-list in Excel, now with checkboxes!


The Rory List I found on the internet ages ago on Lucybird’s book blog, was a bit of a mess, if you excuse me saying so. Ordered on title of the book, typos, parts and wholes of books mentioned separately, and no clear way of ordering the data. But I ran with it, and become good friends with the CTRL+F function (search, for those not in the know).

But today I felt like fooling around with Excel 2016 a bit, so I made this:
The Rory List, Now With Checkboxes!. And a nifty little counter that tells you how many books out of the total you have read, and I’ve even thrown in a percentage calculator, for those who like that info too. You can order it on title, on the first name or last name of the author (sadly, not on what you read or haven’t read, sorry ’bout that! Might add it later)

It’s free to download and use as you please; creative commons license, and all that.

You can download it here.

Any questions? Or did you find a bug or thought of an awesome new feature? E-mail me at readingthething[at]gmail[dot]com.

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