Posthumanism in future Manchester

2015 in Manchester is not a place and time you want to be, if you read Matt Hill’s book GRAFT. The story about Sol and Y is sometimes hard to get into, and sometimes really accesible. Although that might also be a personal thing, which depended on my own state of mind; I read the book in a few readings, and wasn’t always the most awake. Which might have lead to me DREAMING about someone with three arms! But I digress.

What I liked, but what others might not enjoy as much, is that many things stay vague. How has the world collapsed into something post-apocalyptic in just 10 years? How does the changing of humans into something else work? Where do they come from? How is the rest of the UK faring? The rest of Europe? The world? I enjoy the slowly finding out what there is to find out, and still having questions at the end, because that is how life works; you don’t get anything in a clearcut package.

I loved how the story was structured. How you got to read about Sol and his work in one chapter, and seem to be in a completely different world in the next, following Y after she wakes up and has no memory of what has come before. Different characters are introduced, and their tales connect. That does work well, except in one case. On the whole, I feel like the role Mel plays seems a bit too fabricated, like she was added on later because some of her functions were needed. However, I did like her as a character/person and would like to know more about her. The same goes for many characters in the book: The Irish, Roy, the Reverend, The Manor Lord.

This book only scratches the surface of this possible future. Will there be more? I’d like it if there was.

Graft by Matt Hill will be published on the 2nd of February by Angry Robot Books.


[Overview] March: Destroy all the stressors!

Last month was quite stressful and busy for me. So full of stress and things, that I only a week into April I found some time to review the past month *cough*.

I planned on writing one or two blogpost each week: fail! I also wanted to write a non-review post for every review post. Semi-fail, since I wrote 2 reviews, and 1 non-review post. I also planned on not buying any books, in which I failed miserably too.

So, in April I’m going to go about this blogging thing differently. No goals. Getting rid of some books on my TBR that have been there for ages, and that I will not finish any time soon. I’ll probably will not finish this book on Inclusion in the workplace , that I got from the publisher in exchange for a review, because I reall, really, dislike what and how the author writes (even though the topic is something quite dear to me). This month I’ll focus on reading things I enjoy, and I might write reviews. I might also not write them. And I might write on other things. I might also not. I’ll kick out the bingo card, because that’s something that only added pressure. I will keep the Rory list, because that’s a REALLY long term goal, and therefore does not add pressure. The only “goal” I’m setting, is that I’ll participate in Dewey’s 24 hour readathon, because that’s one of the most awesome book-events there is.

To get back to March: all in all it was not a bad month for reading. I proofread/beta-read a book from an old friend of mine (the story was really, really awesome!), which was a first for me. It’s something I’d love to do more of in the future, if time permits me (and if writers do so, of course ;)). Except for some poetry, and a famous book on apes, the books I read and listened to could be put into the science fiction/fantasy category: