The awesomeness of Sense8

V. and I finished the first season of Sense8 this weekend (and only when googling for the releasedate of the second season, did I read that title is a play on the word “sensate”…sometimes, my brain, sometimes…). We both absolutely loved it. There are 12 episodes, of 50 minutes each, which is about my ideal length for series/episodes. Long enough to have an in-dept story, not too long to make it too drawn out and slow.

Amazing characters (Capheus is my favourite, although I have a soft spot for Nomi and her girlfriend), being diverse both in gender, orientation, race, without those things being the focus of “their” story-line. They seem to use actors that are from the region they live in in the series (almost surely for the non-main characters at least), and the transwoman is played by a transwoman, which I think is awesome (and needed).

But the story has to be good too, to make a series memorable, and this one has it. The slow “show, don’t tell” explanation of how their mental connection works. The concept of that connection, how they learn to use this power, and how useful they make it, yum! The philosophical turn it takes sometimes, when it is about choices in life, about family, duty, honor, doing the right thing. The story-arcs for every single character are well thought out (although, looking at it from a distance, might be slightly cliché) and the overall arc builds up slowly but surely, without losing track of the “smaller” arcs.

10/10 would re-watch.

(yeah, this is technically not reading the thing, but watching the thing. Altough I did read the subtitles, so it totally counts as reading, puh!)

((And I did not find an actual release-date for season 2. There are mentions of march 2016, but also that it has been pushed back to 2017! I do hope that is not the case though…))