My [add appropiate unit of time] in books #1

Animals of Farthing Wood

Animals of Farthing Wood

This past week consisted of way more Buffy the Vampire Slayer (just finished season 2, and started season 3) than reading. However, there were some book-related high points:

– I finally, finally, FINALLY finished “Ogen van Tijgers” (Eyes of Tigers; this book has not been translated into English though) by Tonke Dragt. This book follows onto “Torenhoog en Mijlen Breed” (Towering High and Miles Wide; not translated as well) that I devoured as a kid and young adult. I must’ve read that book at least 5 times. I attempted to read the book that followed multiple times, but just couldn’t get through. I now succeeded through pure perserverance, and the knowing that my partner loved this book (since he could relate to the main character, being an painting artist who couldn’t always do what he would love to be doing). I did like the story, but it was so slow, and some of the characters… argh!

– I started reading “The Animals of Farthing Wood”-series. I absolutely loved the cartoon as a kid (and adolescent. and grown-up). I have rewatched it, especially season 1, multiple times. I got the books as an e-book, and finished the prequel within 24 hours. Chances are, I’ll finish book 2 (for some weird reason, the first omnibus consists of the prequel and book 2 and not book 1…), and will probably start book 1. With this, I broke my self-imposed book buying ban. But rules are there to be broken some times.

– I read a Lovecraft story or two, and a description of his life. I love the mythos Lovecraft created (although there is lots of debate on how purposeful he did this, and which of his stories are connected to it), but I need to be in a certain mood to appreciate his style of writing. I’ve had a large collection of his work on my bedstand for about 4 years now, and slowly working through it, with sometimes reading daily, and sometimes not opening the book for months. I have about one third still to go…

– For work, I started reading on document managing systems, since I am leading a team that will do a (functional) sharepoint migration. I really enjoy topics like this, and have to take care to not spend too much of my free time on work related things.

How was your week?